Kenya Unveiled: A Virtual Adventure Through the Heartbeat of Africa



Kenya House endeavors to present Kenya to the global diaspora, aiming to spotlight the myriad positive aspects that the country has to offer.

Project Overview

  • Client Name: Kenya House – National Museums of Kenya
  • Industry: Government
  • Website Link:
  • Scope: Developing an interactive website showcasing Kenya at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

In 2021, our team had the incredible opportunity to team up with the Kenya National Museums to bring a captivating online presence to life for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This project wasn’t just about technology and design; it was a heartfelt journey to showcase the vibrant spirit of Kenya despite the challenges thrown our way by the global pandemic. The end result, the Kenya House Virtual Experience, became a testament to not only our hard work but also the resilience and warmth of the Kenyan spirit.

Web Development
Multilingual Design

Right from the start, our goal was to spotlight Kenya’s cultural richness, industries, and resources to a global audience. Adapting to the unique circumstances of the Tokyo Olympics, we transformed the Kenya House Experience into a virtual wonderland, accessible to anyone worldwide. Our mission wasn’t just about overcoming challenges; it was a celebration of Kenya’s pride, hospitality, and innovation in the face of adversity.

Right from the get go, we knew that this wasn’t just a website; it was the embodiment of Kenya – a nation rooted in tradition yet forward-thinking and modern.


Symbolic Unity

Careful selection of images, colors, and symbols played a pivotal role in creating a digital space that resonates authentically with the local audience.  We relied on images of Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes, iconic wildlife, and diverse communities serve not only to showcase the nation’s natural beauty but also to instill a sense of pride and cultural identity.

The choice of colors, inspired by the rich palette of African landscapes and symbolic hues, not only enhances visual appeal but also communicated a connection to the nation’s heritage. Symbols, such as those inspired by the Maasai people or the national flag, lend a deeper cultural significance, fostering a sense of unity and recognition. Together, these elements contributed to a web design that goes beyond aesthetics, striving to encapsulate the spirit, diversity, and cultural richness of Kenya, creating an immersive and respectful online experience for its users.

Imagine a website that mirrors the diverse tapestry of Kenya’s culture. The landing page, featured a futuristic 3D hut with doors representing the four key themes: Sports, Culture, Tourism, and Trade. The design of this hut was

architecture of the Elmolo community. The El Molo are the smallest ethnic group in Kenya, living on the southeastern shore of Lake Turkana. The woven rim around the top of the house is used to increase the stability of the thatch in the extremely windy region the El Molo occupy. The house featured 4 doors reminiscent of the hand carved, wooden Swahili heritage doors of Lamu Island. The landscape featured here is the Lake Turkana Basin, the Cradle of all Mankind!

This design encapsulated Kenya’s past and future, celebrating its cultural heritage, resilience, innovation, and adaptability.


Honoring Kenya’s Olympic Athletes

Each theme on the website unfolded a unique story. The Sports Theme, lovingly called “Honoring Kenya’s Olympic Athletes,” brought to life an immersive 3D animation video of our legendary long-distance runners, showcasing the indomitable spirit of Kenya’s sporting prowess.

We wanted to make the sports section not just informative but truly engaging. One standout feature we incorporated was the interactive galleries – think of them as visual stories that bring to life the unforgettable moments in Kenya’s sports history.

By weaving in top-notch images and multimedia presentations, we aimed to take users on a journey through the victories, record-breaking feats, and the unyielding spirit of our incredible athletes. We designed these galleries to allow visitors to actively immerse themselves in the content, reliving the buzz of major events, celebrating the victories of our beloved athletes, and gaining a richer understanding of our nation’s athletic heritage.

Our goal was to create an experience that not only honors the outstanding achievements of Kenyan athletes but also provides a lively platform for sports enthusiasts to connect with the heart and soul of our sporting legacy.


Celebrating Kenyan Culture Globally

The Culture Theme, invited visitors to a immersive interactive gallery exhibition, providing an interactive tour of Kenya’s rich heritage, contemporary art, and vibrant musical performances.

By utilizing 3D technology, we went beyond conventional limits, delivering an experience that’s not only engaging but also incredibly lifelike for users. The immersive features of 3D technology enabled visitors to delve into the intricate details of artifacts, traditional art, and cultural exhibits with unparalleled realism. Navigating through different sections of the gallery virtually, users gained a deep understanding of Kenya’s rich cultural tapestry.

The advantages of integrating 3D technology went beyond just aesthetics; it elevated the educational aspect, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Users could actively engage with cultural elements, gaining valuable insights into rituals, traditions, and historical artifacts, fostering a profound appreciation for Kenyan heritage.

Importantly, this approach made Kenyan culture accessible to a global audience, allowing individuals worldwide to explore and connect with our cultural richness remotely, promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.


Karibu Kenya!

The Tourism theme showcased a digital map warmly invited visitors to explore the vast savannas, equatorial mountains, and the culturally diverse people who added soul and color to the landscape.

The Trade and Investments Theme focused on celebrating Kenya as the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. This theme seamlessly blended digital imagery with virtual engagement opportunities, presenting large-scale projects and exciting investment potential.

We featured a comprehensive resource section, offering guides, reports, and tools for businesses navigating the trade landscape in Kenya. This included highlighting investment opportunities, shedding light on incentives for businesses interested in trading in Kenya. We also showcased case studies and success stories from businesses that had thrived in Kenya’s trade environment, adding credibility and instilling confidence among potential investors.


For us, this project was more than just designing a website; it was an expression of pride in Kenya’s identity. The success of the website, marked by a positive global reception, reaffirmed the significance of our collaborative effort. We felt honored to contribute to a project that not only showcased Kenya’s cultural richness, tourism potential, and economic opportunities but also set a new standard for celebrating a nation’s identity on the global stage. This journey was a privilege, and the Kenya House Virtual Experience became a symbol of the irresistible spirit of Kenya that transcends borders and captures hearts around the world.