Transforming Higher Learning with Centralized Web Presence for The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)


The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence enabling Africa’s talented students to become innovators driving the continent’s scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

Project Overview

  • Client Name: The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
  • Industry: Education / Higher Learning
  • Website Link: Multiple sites
  • Scope: Developing and Deploying 6 Websites for the institute.
  • Websites Deployed
    • Next Einstein –
    • AIMS Rwanda –
    • AIMS South Africa –
    • AIMS Senegal –
    • AIMS Cameroon –
    • AIMS Ghana –

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), a renowned institution in Africa dedicated to advancing mathematical sciences education, sought a comprehensive web solution to cater to the unique needs of its seven autonomous university branches. The objective was to establish a centralized management system for all seven websites while ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for each institution.

Web Development
Multilingual Design

The Challenge

  • Autonomous Universities: Addressing the autonomy of each university while creating a unified web presence was a challenge. Customization options within WordPress Multisite allowed us to tailor each site to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual institutions while maintaining a cohesive overall design.
  • Content Management: The abundance of content, including research papers and resources, required a robust platform. We implemented a content management strategy, optimizing databases and utilizing cloud-based solutions to handle the large volume of data efficiently.
  • Prospective and Current Student Engagement: Crafting a website that effectively communicated with both prospective and current students necessitated strategic design and user experience planning. Clear navigation, targeted content, and interactive features were integrated to engage both audience segments.
  • Registration Portal: A comprehensive registration portal was developed to handle the high influx of prospective students. The portal incorporated a robust mechanism for staff to vet registrations, ensuring a smooth and secure process for both applicants and administrators.

Master Solution!

In response to the client’s requirements, our team decided to implement WordPress Multisite, a powerful and versatile platform that allows the management of multiple websites from a single installation. This decision offered numerous advantages for the project.

The primary advantage was the ability to centrally manage all seven websites. This streamlined administrative tasks, ensuring consistency in updates, plugins, and themes across all institutions.

With a shared content management system, universities could collaboratively contribute and update resources, research papers, and other content efficiently, reducing redundancy and improving overall content quality.

Utilizing WordPress Multisite minimized development and maintenance costs, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for AIMS.

The multisite architecture allowed for the creation of a cohesive design and navigation structure, offering a unified user experience for students, faculty, and prospective candidates.


How We Did It!

Scalability and Future-Proofing: The website architecture was designed with scalability in mind, accommodating future growth and technological advancements. Regular updates and upgrades ensured alignment with current design trends and technology.

Audience-Centric Design: Tailoring the user experience for each audience segment, we ensured that the design and content resonated with prospective students, current students, faculty, alumni, and parents.

Clear Navigation and Information Architecture: Implementing a clear and intuitive navigation structure, we organized information hierarchically, reflecting academic programs, departments, and resources logically.

Content Management and Organization: We developed a scalable content management system, allowing efficient handling of a large volume of academic content, research papers, and resources. Logical organization using tags and categories ensured easy classification.

Prospective Student Recruitment Tools: A user-friendly registration and application portal, complemented by virtual campus tours and testimonials, showcased the institution’s unique selling points, attracting prospective students.

Security and Privacy: Prioritizing user data security, especially in registration and application processes, we ensured compliance with data protection regulations and implemented robust security measures.

Brand Consistency: Maintaining consistency with the institution’s brand guidelines across all web pages, we used a consistent color scheme, typography, and logo placement to reinforce brand identity.


The successful implementation of WordPress Multisite, coupled with a meticulous focus on key design considerations, addressed the complex challenges posed by the diverse needs of seven autonomous higher learning institutions. The resulting web solution not only streamlined administrative tasks but also provided a cohesive, engaging, and scalable online platform for The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, reinforcing its position as a leader in mathematical sciences education in Africa.