A Digital Celebration of Impact



Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiHEA) is a beacon of hope in the nonprofit and humanitarian sector, dedicated to combating poverty and fostering sustainable development. As a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), HiHEA operates with a mission deeply rooted in the principles of economic and social empowerment.

Project Overview

  • Client Name: Hand in Hand Eastern Africa – HiHEA
  • Industry: Non-profit/Humanitarian
  • Website Link: https://handinhand-ea.org/
  • Staging Site Link:https://staging.maisoninteractive.com/hih/
  • Scope: A complete redesign of the outdated main Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiHEA) website, including the duplication of the revamped design to create a visually striking and user-friendly website for HiHEA Tanzania.
Web Development
UI/UX Design

The Clients Dream

HiHEA envisioned a digital space that not only mirrored the vibrancy and innovation of their impactful initiatives but also served as an inspiring gateway to their mission. Their dream was to transform their online presence into an engaging, visually-driven platform that seamlessly communicates their commitment to poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, and sustainable community development. The aspiration was for the redesigned websites to not just inform but excite, radiating the energy and dedication embedded in HiHEA’s journey. The dream was to create a dynamic digital home that welcomes visitors, sparking a connection and a shared commitment to building a brighter, more sustainable future.

We brought HiHEA’s digital dream to life by orchestrating a meticulous redesign of their main website and seamlessly duplicating it for HiHEA Tanzania. Our approach was to infuse a visually-driven and clean design with bold imagery, interactive movements, and clear calls-to-action, reflecting the dynamic essence of HiHEA’s impactful mission. By implementing fluid navigation, we ensured an intuitive user experience, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore HiHEA’s initiatives in both Kenya and Tanzania.

Inclusivity and accessibility were paramount in our strategy, breaking down digital barriers to make the websites welcoming to diverse audiences. The creation of a comprehensive information hub offered detailed insights into HiHEA’s programs, special projects, and training initiatives. Duplicating the design for HiHEA Tanzania involved a seamless transfer, adapting it to encapsulate the unique identity and impactful operations of the Tanzanian branch. The result is an engaging digital presence that not only informs and excites but actively encourages participation and support for HiHEA’s mission of empowerment and sustainable community development.


The Challenge

Embarking on the redesign journey for HiHEA’s websites presented us with multifaceted challenges that demanded thoughtful solutions. The initial website faced technical hurdles and limitations, hindering the effective sharing of critical content. The static nature of the existing site became a stumbling block for the client, restricting necessary adjustments. The primary challenge was clear: create a comprehensive solution that not only addressed technical issues but also elevated the overall user experience for global refugee resettlement staff.

Connectivity issues and a need for a more user-friendly interface added layers to the challenge. Outdated design and technical glitches were impeding the website’s potential impact, requiring a holistic approach to bridge communication gaps and enhance accessibility. Our focus was on creating a more inclusive online experience tailored to low-literacy and refugee communities, where our design aimed to foster improved communication and heightened accessibility for users with varying levels of digital literacy.

The aspiration to bridge technological gaps within refugee communities posed another layer of complexity. Our challenge was to create a design adaptable to diverse technological environments, optimizing for varying internet connectivity and ensuring responsiveness across devices commonly used in these communities. This dynamic challenge urged us to rethink the conventional design approach and foster an environment where even users with limited skills could seamlessly navigate the website, unlocking a world of valuable resources.


Navigating Challenges with Smiles

Maison Interactive tackled the intricate challenge of redesigning HiHEA’s websites through a holistic and innovative approach. We prioritized a visually-driven and clean design, leveraging bold imagery, interactive movements, and clear calls-to-action to infuse the websites with energy and engagement. Our team implemented a fluid navigation system, ensuring an intuitive user experience that enabled effortless exploration of HiHEA’s initiatives in both Kenya and Tanzania. Maison Interactive successfully navigated the complexities of redesigning HiHEA’s websites through a strategic and multi-faceted approach:

1. Visually Driven & Clean Design

We embraced a visually driven and clean design philosophy, ensuring that the websites radiate innovation. The result? Platforms that not only inform but also excite, capturing the essence of HiHEA’s impactful journey.

2. Bold Imagery and Interactive Movement

Dynamic movement and bold imagery were at the heart of our design strategy. From the first click, users are greeted with breathtaking visuals and engaging movements that draw them into the world of HiHEA.

3. Fluid Navigation and Clear CTAs

Fluid navigation ensures that users effortlessly explore HiHEA’s initiatives and programs in Kenya and Tanzania. Clear calls-to-action guide visitors along the right path, encouraging active participation in the organization’s mission.

4. In-Depth Information Hub

Both websites serve as comprehensive information hubs, offering insights into HiHEA’s initiatives, special projects, and training programs. Users can delve into the heart of HiHEA, understanding the depth of their commitment to economic and social empowerment.


The dual website redesign for HiHEA and HiHEA Tanzania is not just about pixels and code; it’s a celebration of impact, empowerment, and innovation. Maison Interactive is proud to have partnered with HiHEA, bringing their dynamic journey to life in the digital realm.